Hey guys, with Client v0.03 just around the corner, I’m working my ass off to get everything prepared. Anyway, today I had to work on the Camera System. However, things got off to a bumpy start, as I realized that I had to perfect the movement engine in order to get the Camera System working.

So…I ended up finishing TWO things today. The Movement Engine is now 100% Complete! The Camera Engine I would say is about 90% complete, there’s still some kinks I got to work out, but it works well. Anyway, it’s pretty late now, since I stayed up pass my schedule completion time just to get it ready (I hate being behind =P). Anyway, because Client v0.03 will be released tomorrow/saturday, I have decided to hold off showing any further tests until the big day :D.

Anyway, that was today’s Midnight Blog, all that’s left is finishing up the Client v0.03 test Map, and then everything will be set!



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Alright, so it’s not exactly midnight yet, but I just thought I’d get this up as soon as possible.

I’ve been working my ass off to get this complete, and my hard work has finally payed off! Today I began and completed work on the status bar engine, which will be present in Client v0.03.

– HP Test: Your Current HP will randomizer between 0 and your Max HP. This is to showcase both the correlation between the HP Numbers aswell as HP Bar. This also will showcase the smooth transition between HP Changes (if your HP changes to a number higher then it was before, your HP bar will increase at a smooth rate until it hits the number. If it is lower, it will decrease until it reaches the number)
– MP Test: No way to active, but it works the same way as HP Test
– EXP Test: No way to activate, but works in same way as HP Test

[URL=”http://www.privatemaplestory.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=5&d=1163566720″%5DpMS Status Bar Test[/URL]
[size=”1″][URL=”http://staff.filesnetwork.com/skyrider/pMS/StatusBar.zip”%5DAlternate Link[/URL][/size]

Alright guys, that’s all for today, tomorrow i’ll work on putting every engine together and getting Client v0.03 Prepared. I’ll also be working on expanding the map to encorparate some of the additions to the Maple Story engine (much bigger map).

Alright, i’m out, thanks for your support guys! I’m working my hardest to get this thing out by Friday!


11/17/06 – pMS Client v0.03 Public Test!

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Sorry guys 😦

Not much was done today, I had to go to the hospital with my brother, he’s been losing weight VERY fast by doing nothing, so we think he may have a parasite or something. We’ll find out tomorrow (or today since this is the midnight blog)

Anyway, back to business, as I mentioned earlier, not much was worked today. Work will resume when I get back from school again, however, I would like to make a statement.

This Project can’t be finished without the community. I’m happier then anything to know that the pMS community is lively and active, however, I ask that you guys go out and spread the word on pMS. This project is being made for you guys (and me!), so in order to have you guys enjoy the result the most, I want to know what you guys want. Anyway, copy from announcement:


pMS needs the member support. As this project is being made for the Maple Story Community, I want to know what you guys want! So, I encourage you guys to tell your friends, tell your buddies, your guild, your server, EVERYONE!

[B]In advertising pMS, it is important to include:[/B]
– This is the First REAL Private Server Project
– We have Screenshots, Videos, and Tests avaliable for everyone!
– The Site is Updated Daily, and is very active, we just need more members 😛
– The Project caters to the members, so the more members there are, the better the outcome will be!
– Public Beta Testing to come VERY Soon, so be sure to join today to see what’s up with the project!

[SIZE=”4″]Spread the Word![/SIZE]


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Hey guys! First of all, how do you guys like the new website? [url]www.privatemaplestory.com[/url], sounds pretty good doesn’t it? 🙂  Anyway, first things first…

[SIZE=”4″][B]Public Beta Release Info:[/B][/SIZE]
The Beta Test will take place in two phases: offline and online.

[B]Offline Beta[/B]
– All of Maple Island
  + Maple Island JQ
  + Expanded Training Maps
– Level Cap: 30
– Beginner Job Avaliable
  + Beginner Skills Avaliable
– Maple Island Monsters
  + More Monsters to make the Beta Better
  + Monsters complete with Drops, aswell as extra drops to make beta funner

When the Client is finished, I will allow for the Offline Public Beta to take place. During this time, you will be able to play around in the offline client, aswell as give me feedback on how the project is going along. At the same time, I will be busy fixing up the rest of everything to bring the client online. The online client info:

[B]Online Beta[/B]
– All of Maple Island
  + Maple Island PQ
  + Maple Island JQ
  + Expanded Training Maps
– Level Cap: 30
– Beginner Job Avaliable
  + Beginner Skills Avaliable
– Maple Island Monsters
  + More Monsters to make the Beta Better
  + Monsters complete with Drops, aswell as extra drops to make beta funner

If needed, the Public Beta registration will be limited in order to relieve stress on MuffinShare.net’s server. Anyway, on with the next set of business…

[B]I’m pleased to announce that Paralax Scrolling is 100% Complete! Contrary to my usual screenshot and video, I felt the best way to show it off…is with an actual demo![/B]

[URL=”http://staff.filesnetwork.com/skyrider/pMS/pMSParalaxTest.zip”%5DpMS Paralax Test[/URL]
[size=”1″][URL=”http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8EWU2KO4″%5DAlternate Link[/URL][/size]

Have fun guys!

FF|Skyrider for providing the main hosting for the test, thanks alot man!

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Alright guys, updating today’s blog, we have finished moving to our new Official Site: [url]www.privatemaplestory.com[/url]
BIG thanks to the people at MuffinShare.net who have generously provided us with space here.


Sorry guys! I had a couple of things to get to in the past few days, since we had the Marine Corp Ball and all (Happy 231st USMC!).

Anyway, just to let you guys know what i’ve been doing:

– Been working on a Sprite Engine (or Animation Engine really). I’ve finished importing all Warrior Animations, however I’m thinking about whether to move onto an Attacking Engine, or finish up all other Animations
– Also have been optimizing the engine! Using a new method I found out the other day, I’ve figured out a way to implement paralax scrolling with almost no slow down at all! I’ve also figured out a way how to keep the whole project organized and easy for me to work with, so expect a little faster results then before ^_^.

Anyway, no screens or videos for today’s blog, The Staff is busy negotiating our new WEBSITE: [url]www.privatemaplestory.com[/url]

…Incase you didn’t notice again.


We have a brand new, paid for Domain made specifically for Private Maple Story! Big thanks to the guys at [url]www.muffinshare.net[/url], who have been so generous as to provide us with a domain as well as a Server for us to host our Client/Server files once we finish that portion up!

Alright, that’s all for today, thanks for the support guys, and hope to see you at the new site!


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pMS Client v0.02 (Beta) Video!

Due to some conflicts in the rules and pMS, our thread on pMS was taken down permenantly by the CE Forum Staff. We would like to extend our thanks for the CE Administration for deal with us during our stay there. Through CE Forums, we have gained an enormous fanbase on our project, which I hope joins us here on the official pMS Forums.

[URL=http://forum.cheatengine.org/viewtopic.php?t=36836]Original Topic[/URL]

Thanks CE Forums, without your support, I couldn’t have made this possible!

Anyway, now with some better stuff. I have decided on the Beta Testers for Client v0.02 (Beta)! As this beta isn’t testing much at all, the amount of beta testers is very small. However, I have come to a conclusion and have already begun working with these individuals!

The pMS Client v0.02 Beta Testers are as follows:

-OSaltyOne: Main Tester
-Charlie(sabathiel): Secondary Tester
-MuffinKrazy: Wee~!
-Exidis: Hacking Specialist

-Centroid: Helper 0.o (mostly bothers Ito)

I have already distributed the clients to these individuals. Infact, me and Exidis have already been working on a few things in fixing the client!

Here, you can see Exidis Gravity Hacking the Client (with the values I provided him with). I created a Logical Check which detects whether the Gravity Value has been manipulated or not. This successfully disconnected Exidis when he tried to change the Gravity value. However, this didn’t last long, as Exidis found another way to manipulate the Gravity >_<. Damn you Exidis xD. More testing will be done tomorrow.

And so ends today’s Midnight Post! Welcome to the new forums guys! I hope I recieve the same amount of support as I did on CE Forums.


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Me Hacking my own Client <_<…

Not really  I forgot to add in Wall Barriers for the initial test client, just thought I’d take a screenshot as I found it a tad amusing.

Haha, it’s barely the 6th now, since It’s past midnight, but I’m staying up because of the great response I’ve been getting. Anyway, just adding some stuff that I’ve answered in the posts so far.

x1.5-2 EXP Rate
x2 Drop Rate
x1.5 Meso Rate (however, this may be just x1, since I HATE the stupidly high prices that everything currently is)

There will be no Gacha or Cash Shop in the end, as they will be made avaliable via Monster Drops . You find Gacha and “Cash” Items from Monsters.

Game Moderators
Also, there WILL be GM’s, meaning people can be banned. I myself hack, however, in making this server, I don’t want it to be over run with hackers >_<, more so just a better version of Maple Story to play.


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